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Skyway Jack’s – Culinary Destination in Tampa Since 1976

If you ask the locals about Skyway Jack’s, chance is most of them can show you exactly where the restaurant is, even those who live somewhere far from its location. Skyway Jack’s is indeed one of the most popular restaurants in Tampa among the locals since 1976, probably because of its original location at the marina, about a mile or two from the Sunshine Skyway bridge, which was an important landmark of the city. Or probably because of the Humpty Dumpty and large rooster statues at the front that would be impossible to miss.

However for some reasons, the restaurant was moved further to 34th street, fortunately that didn’t cause it to lose its customers. Its classic dishes with affordable prices keeps being the main attractions for its customers to keep coming back. You only need to pay $2.79 for a classic steak and eggs during breakfast. For lunch, you could order chicken dumplings with lima beans and carrots, a whole catfish or a fried flounder. This is quite a nice place if you want to enjoy a casual “road food” dining.

You will soon notice the Southern kitsch vibe as soon as you arrive in its parking lot, giving you the warm feeling of Southern hospitality. Once inside you will be greeted by waitresses and you can find just about all kinds of people inside, from fishermen to tourists. You won’t be given a menu here, because the list of foods is written on whiteboards mounted on the wall. Very casual, yet feels so homey, it’s part of the charm of the Skyway Jack’s.

Skyway Jack’s is serving various kinds of omelettes, eggs, pancakes, cereal & fruit, pastries & bread, and various drinks. This restaurant is open 7 days a week from 5 am to 3 pm.

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Skyway Jack’s – Contact & Address

34th Street South, Saint Petersburg, FL
RESTAURANT PHONE | 727.867.1907

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