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Olympia Grill View of the Cruise Ships
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Olympia Grill – A Greek Restaurant With A Long Delicious Tradition

Olympia Grill is a Greek restaurant owned and run by Greek-American family in Galveston, Texas. Today this restaurant is run by Tikie and Larry Kriticos, two brothers that still proudly maintain their family food tradition. They were inspired by their father that opened Seawall Cafe and their uncle who owned The Golden Greek restaurant in Galveston, where they learned about Greek, Creole and Gulf Coast cooking styles. But actually they have grown their interest to great foods since they were kids in their grandmother’s kitchen. Grandma was their first favorite cook who taught them about excellent food processing as well as to maintain the healthiness of all foods they create.

Armed with their family recipes, Tikie and Larry are continuing the tradition of preparing high quality foods with fresh and healthy ingredients. But they don’t just rely on their family recipes, they also experiment with new items in order to expand their menu and embrace modern cooking styles. Combined with their family legacy, these new items are adding even more uniqueness into this excellent restaurant.

Food at Olympia Grill
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There are two Olympia Grill restaurants in Galveston, one located on the Seawall Boulevard and the other is located on Pier 21 with a view of the Galveston’s Harbor. Both restaurants are offering a family friendly atmosphere with warm service and of course, great foods.

The two restaurants have their own menus, at the Seawall restaurant you can have shrimp scampi snapper, chicken fried por chops, fried crab ball, falafel pita, char grilled burger, vegetarian pita, blue lump crab cakes and many more. While at Pier 21 you can have Greek salad, avgolemono soup, steamed clams, spanakopitas, Greek chicken salad, grilled Gulf shrimp and others. They also have gluten free menu, vegetarian menu and kids menu.

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Olympia Grill Pier 21 – Contact & Address

100 21st Street, Galveston, TX 77550
RESTAURANT PHONE | 409.765.0021

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