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Located on Post Office Street in downtown Galveston, MOD Coffeehouse is one of the best places in Galveston if you’re looking for a nice cup of coffee, tea or espresso with fresh-baked cakes and breads. With its warm atmosphere and friendly service, MOD Coffeehouse is always a wonderful place to spend your day or afternoon.

This cozy coffeehouse was opened in 2001 and since then it has brought a new energy to the historic town and became one of the best places to hangout. The combination of great coffee, teas and espressos with an excellent environment really reflects the friendly nature and hospitality of Galveston.

A few years back, the coffeehouse suffered serious damages from the hurricane Ike, but it has been fully restored and reopened in 2009. In fact it even looks much better than before and the important thing is this coffeehouse continued to provide the best coffee with delicious homemade, yummy treats in a cozy establishment with the friendliest service you can ever find.

It has abundant choices of drinks, you can choose to enjoy its organic coffee and teas, or try some delicious, skillfully prepared espressos and lattes. If you prefer non-caffeinated drinks, you can choose from various smoothies it offers or enjoy the special taste of its Italian sodas, wine and beer. Besides various drinks, there are also many wonderful fresh baked treats from the kitchen, like its famous chocolate espresso brownies.

It has several seating areas for you to enjoy your relaxing time, whether on the outside area under the umbrellas, in the loft area or in the conference room. In the evening it usually provides live entertainment from local musicians that performs on the outside area.

In MOD Coffeehouse, you won’t feel like a stranger, its cozy and friendly atmosphere will make you feel as if you’re being among friends or at home.

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MOD Coffeehouse – Contact & Address

2126 Postoffice Street, Galveston, TX 77550
RESTAURANT PHONE | 409.765.5659

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