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Gaidos – Seafood Delicacies With Italian Family Recipes

One of the oldest restaurants in Galveston is Gaidos, it has been serving high quality dishes for more than 100 years. San Giacinto Gaidos first opened this restaurant in 1911 that quickly gained its popularity, and until today, Gaidos is still widely known as the freshest fish house in Galveston.

The founder, San Giacinto Gaidos was a man who committed to quality and he determined to serve only the best for his customers. This commitment is still carried on by his successors that makes Gaidos still remains the number one choice when it comes to seafood in Galveston.

Until this very day, Gaido’s maintains its standards for ingredients, food processing and service. Choosing only the freshest seafood ingredients from the gulf, they process everything including fresh fish, Gulf shrimp and Galveston Bay oysters by hand, just like what their predecessors did, making everything they serve in the restaurant tastes special.

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Gaidos is run by a family that’s very passionate about food and they are really proud about their family legacy when it comes to great foods. Every little detail you see on the plate is house-made that comes from the family recipe, including their delicious desserts, salad dressings, seasonings, and their unique sauces.

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But Italian style is not the only cooking style they use in this restaurant, they also use the traditional southern deep-frying style, southwest open flame grilling and even Greek cooking styles in their food processing. All these combinations really shaped their colorful menu with various excellent tastes in every plate.

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Not only tourists and cruise passengers that appreciate the excellent cuisines in this restaurant, throughout the years, many famous celebrities, athletes, and even presidents have become customers of this classy seafood restaurant. From stuffed crab, baked oysters, premium Gulf shrimp, deep sea scallops, to shrimp salad and a long list of wine, even the most discriminating foodie will be extremely satisfied after dining in this place.

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Gaidos – Contact & Address

3828 Seawall Blvd., Galveston, TX 77550
RESTAURANT PHONE | 409.761.5500

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