Restaurants Near Port of Galveston

Olympia Grill View of the Cruise Ships
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Popular Restaurants near Port of Galveston

One thing every visitor loves about Port of Galveston is its great weather, but that’s not the only thing special about this place. Galveston is also famous for its terrific view, located on a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico near the coast of Texas, this place offers a stunning view of fabulous nature that you can enjoy from its 32-mile long beach. Another thing that makes this place so awesome is the various dining cuisines you can enjoy in many great restaurants scattered all over this resort town.

Some of the most popular restaurants you can find in Galveston are:

Mod Coffeehouse

This is a community coffeehouse located in the historic downtown Galveston. If you’re looking for a place for you to relax while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee with fresh baked goods, then Mod Coffeehouse is a perfect place for you. Not only great coffee, teas, espressos and baked goods, Mod Coffeehouse also offers warm, friendly service to all its guests.
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This restaurant is famous all over the island as being the freshest fish house. Since 1911 this Italian style seafood restaurant has been serving fantastic first-class dishes to its customers.
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Sky Bar Galveston Steak & Sushi

From the freshest sushi rolls to prime steaks and vegetarian meals, Sky Bar Steak & Sushi is ready to welcome you with its long list of mouthwatering foods. When the Hurricane Ike happened, this restaurant took a pretty huge hit, but now it has been fully restored and even better than before with its newly extended granite sushi bar.
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Olympia Grill

This is a family-owned Greek restaurant that offers delicious meals prepared with family recipe. This family friendly restaurant has all kinds of dishes in the menu to satisfy everyone, it even has kids menu, gluten free menu and vegetarian menu.
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