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Dixie Crossroads for Shrimp Lovers

In Port Canaveral, most restaurants you find are usually serving seafood dishes, but if you’re specifically looking for a restaurant that serves the best variety of shrimp dishes, then Dixie Crossroads is the place you should go to.

Dixie Crossroads has a long list of fantastic shrimp-based dishes that really put this restaurant on the map. It has Shrimp Cocktail, Dynamite Shrimp, Bacon Wrapped Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Shrimp Tacos, Shrimp Po’Boy, Cape Canaveral Special that has shrimp and Rock Shrimp as the main ingredients, and so much more.
dixie crossroads shrimp
Besides shrimp-based dishes, it also serves many other kinds of seafood dishes like oysters, scallops, salmon, Mahi Mahi, Tilapia, Catfish, River mullet and many others. Then there are also non-seafood dishes that are prepared with the same levels of finesse, like fried chicken, cheesesteak, grilled chicken breast, prime rib and others.

This restaurant is designed to be family friendly, so it offers a wide variety of foods in the menu for everyone to enjoy. Located at 1475 Garden Street, Titusville, Dixie Crossroads has a great setting for family. Kids will have a great time waiting for their meals while playing on the bridge feeding turtles and fish over the outside pond.
dixie crossroads prime rib with shrimp
Another thing which is quite unique about this restaurant is that it doesn’t take reservations, instead it takes “priority seating”, which means it will seat you as close to the time you request as possible. This will put you ahead of anyone who comes in without prior notice. This priority seating applies for parties of any size, however, if you have a large group of 20 people or more, then you should contact the party coordinator.

So if you appreciate great foods and you happen to be in Port Canaveral, Just head on to the Garden Street and look for the Shrimp statue where you will find this awesome restaurant.

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Dixie Crossroads – Contact & Address

1475 Garden Street Titusville, FL 32796
RESTAURANT PHONE | 321.268.5000