Restaurants Near Port Canaveral

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Popular Restaurants near Port Canaveral

Port Canaveral is not just a docking place for large cruise ships for world’s famous cruise lines such as Disney Cruise, Carnival and Royal Caribbean, but this place is also a holiday destination with so much to offer. From wonderful beaches with fantastic views to space centers and wildlife refuge, this place is packed with interesting stuff. Furthermore with its proximity to Orlando and various famous theme parks including Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal theme parks, Port Canaveral has become a favorite stopover place for families to chill out on the beach after spending a long day of fun.

With so many visitors coming to this place everyday, it’s no surprise that there are all kinds of facilities and businesses that accommodate these visitors in Port Canaveral, including lots of great restaurants. There are many good restaurants in Port Canaveral that provide various kinds of food, but most people are usually looking for great quality, fresh seafood when they dine here.

Here are some of the best restaurants you can find around Port Canaveral:

GRILLS Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar

This great restaurant is located in the waterside setting, providing you with a fabulous view of the port and its majestic cruise ships. It serves exotic drinks and of course, fresh seafood.

Coconuts on the Beach

This uniquely named restaurant famous for its parties. Located at Cocoa beach, Coconut on the Beach is serving super fresh Florida seafood they got from the local fishing fleet. Also don’t miss the chance of tasting its award winning clam chowder.

Dixie Crossroads

Are you a shrimp lover? Then you should go to Dixie Crossroads that’s most famous for its shrimp-based cuisines. Besides shrimp, it also serves all kinds of other seafoods.

Rusty’s Seafood & Oyster Bar

Don’t let the name fools you, because there’s nothing rusty when it comes to seafood and exotic drinks in this restaurant. Located in the waterfront harbor, Rusty’s Seafood & Oyster Bar provides great dining experience in the open air with video entertainment.

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