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Ristorante Fratelli Milano – Authentic Italian Cuisine in Miami

Ristorante Fratelli Milano is a restaurant that offers a genuine taste of home made Italian dishes located at 213 SE First Street, Miami. This family restaurant is run by twin brother chefs Roberto and Emanuele Bearzi who intend to recreate the Milanese dishes they used to taste in their mother’s kitchen. Not only great foods, this restaurant also offers a great atmosphere to its guests. They have breezy sidewalk tables, which is a perfect spot for lunch, and they also have a casual-elegant candlelit dining room for a relaxed that’s perfect for the evening.

The restaurant was opened in 2006 and it didn’t take very long for it to expand. The excellent menu with reasonable price really make this regional Italian restaurant packed with customers everyday. The restaurant grows as the Downtown Miami is growing, and today it has become twice as big as the first time it was opened.

Most of their dishes are inspired by the taste they’re familiar with from their early childhood in northern Italy, like hearty soups and stews their grandmothers used to make for a Sunday family feast and many others. Fortunately Florida is a great place to find all kinds of fresh ingredients, especially with its abundant local seafood products.

Roberto Bearzi serves as Executive Chef in the restaurant, while his brother serves as a Pastry Chef, specialty artisanal breads and pastas. Some of his most popular crafts include nutella, bombolone and cream-filled Italian doughnuts that are not easy to find outside of Milano.

Fratelli Milano has been awarded by major publications and received a lot of positive reviews from top food critics. They have also maintained their standards to provide a warm and welcoming service to all their guests that make them feel like home enjoying delicious homemade meals with their families.

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Ristorante Fratelli Milano – Contact & Address

213 SE First Street, Miami

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