Restaurants Near Port of Miami

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Popular Restaurants Near Port of Miami

Port of Miami is known as the “Cargo Gateway of the Americas” and the “Cruise Capital of the World”. Located in Biscayne Bay, this port has a huge impact on Miami’s economy by bringing more than $18 billion annual income and providing more than 176,000 jobs.

People don’t only come to this place for business or a cruise, many of them simply want to spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying beautiful scenery of the bay while savoring delicious meals at one of the best restaurants in the area. The Port of Miami and its surrounding areas are known for their awesome restaurants that serve various kinds of foods, including American, European and Asian foods.

Here are some of the most popular restaurants you can find near Port of Miami:

The Knife Steakhouse

This Argentinian restaurant has a mouthwatering buffet that will make you feel hungry anytime. It has just about all kinds of popular meat-based foods you can think of, including sausage, pork, chicken, steak, ribs and so much more. All grilled with charcoal using a method imported from Argentina.
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This restaurant with a unique name is serving Peruvian foods for lunch and dinner. It’s located about 1 mile west of the Port in the Downtown district. CVI.CHE 105 has a minimalist decor with contemporary bar seating area and tables with light colors.
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Fratelli Milano

An excellent place to enjoy Italian foods in Downtown Miami, not far from the port. This restaurant is run by twin brother chefs Emanuele and Roberto Bearzi. Great Italian foods with affordable price making Fratelli Milano very popular among Italian food lovers.
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Zuma is an internationally known modern Japanese restaurant. The dishes and the atmosphere are inspired by the informal Japanese dining style known as the “Izikaya”. Located at the Biscayne Boulevard Way, Downtown Miami, Zuma is open everyday. The restaurant enforces a smart casual dress code, so you can’t wear your beachwear or shorts if you want to dine in this place.
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