Norwegian Cruise Line

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Norwegian Cruise Line – Experience First Class Services on a Beautiful Ship

Norwegian Cruise Line is known worldwide as the host of a stylish and sleek fleet. But what really sets this cruise line apart from the rest, is the level of services they offer. With the ratio of staff to passengers of 5:1, it’s a guarantee that everyone will experience the ultimate pleasure during the journey.

Dining Experience

This cruise line offers an innovative dining experience by introducing the “free style dining”. Shipboard dining is no longer a formal activity on the Norwegian Cruise Line, because it has about ten different areas for passengers to dine whenever they want, while wearing their most comfortable outfit. These are also known as the cafeteria areas, where you can grab a bite while wearing jeans or other informal wear. But it also has formal dining areas where a bunch of staff are ready to give the best service for your ultimate dining experience.

Norwegian Cruise Activities

Norwegian offers 24 hours of on board activities with staff members ready to help you when needed, round the clock. It has a fully equipped gym that’s open 24 hours, there’s also a pool space that provides live entertainment day and night. A lot of great talents also can be seen in the bar and lounge areas. Then there is a theater entertainment with no extra cost for all passengers, stand up comedian shows and even a casino.

Norwegian Cruise Ships

Norwegian Cruise Line has a luxurious fleet of ships that cover the Caribbean, Bermuda, Hawaii, Alaska, Europe, Canada and New England. Currently it’s operating 14 ships from 75,338 tons to 164,600 tons with all kinds of luxurious facilities. Two of the most notable ships are the Norwegian Epic, which is the sixth largest cruise ship in the world, and the Norwegian Escape, which is the fifth largest cruise ship in the world.

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