Disney Cruise Line

disney cruise line ship leaving port

All cruise lines are family friendly, they usually have entertainment and activity programs designed for people of all ages, including children. But Disney Cruise Line is designed specifically to bring the magic of the cartoon world to life for both the children and adults to enjoy. The cruise line aims to provide a magical entertainment to all its passengers through the exciting world of Disney.

Disney Cruise Line – Bring the Cartoon Magic to Life in Your Vacation

You will find a lot of large statues of famous Disney characters like a 15 ft. tall Donald Duck and Goofy. There are also many people wearing Disney characters’ costumes during the entire duration of the cruise, spreading fun to all children on board.

There are also souvenir shops available on board where you can buy all kinds of Disney-related souvenirs. These souvenirs are designed to suit everyone on board, whether kids or adults, so there’s always something for everyone.

Disney Cruise Line offers a number of cruises, there is a 3-day cruise, 4-day cruise, 7-day cruise and 10-day cruise. All of these cruises will make a stop at the Castaway Cay, a private island that’s developed and maintained by the Disney corporation specifically for its cruise passengers.

The cruise line also offers you to extend the fun by giving the passengers a chance to stay-over at the Disney World, making their exceptional vacation experience more complete. The participants who opt for this choice usually very satisfied with all the fun experience they had with their children.

Furthermore, it also offers you a splendid property located on Disney World with a key that also can open the stateroom doors on the cruise ship. The best thing about the property is that it’s only about 15 minutes away from the theme park.

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