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Compared to other world-class cruise lines in the industry, some people might consider that the Azamara Club Cruises as a “smaller” line as it only operates two cruise ships, the Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest. However, despite its small fleet, this cruise line offers an extraordinary worldwide vacation experience with premium level of personal service and unique destinations worldwide that even the most experienced traveler will enjoy.

Unique Worldwide Destinations With Extraordinary Service on Azamara

Rather than just making a quick stop in every port in the itinerary like many other cruise lines, Azamara Club Cruises takes its passengers for longer stays, allowing them to experience the history and culture of each destination.

Not only does it have a small fleet, but the ships it operates are also smaller compared to ships operated by other cruise line companies. But this is actually a huge advantage, because these smaller ships are able to visit so many ports that can’t be reached by larger ships, that’s why it can offer a totally unique cruising experience that you can never get anywhere else.

Its itineraries are covering various destinations throughout Asia, South America, the Panama Canal, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean. Azamara Club Cruises has included overnights in many of its itineraries in wonderful places like Lisbon, Venice, Sorrento, Nice, Bangkok, Bali, Mumbai, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Rio de Janeiro. With a chance to spend a night on each destination, the passengers could really experience the excitement that each port has to offer.

Both ships (each weighing at 30,277 tons) could accommodate 694 guests and they also offer various great amenities. This cruise line is known for its fine cuisine with renowned chefs on board ready to indulge your taste buds. The two ships also offer luxurious staterooms with butler service available.

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