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Within the last few years, cruising has become one of the most popular ways to vacation. One of the main attributing factors to the major growth is that each cruiseline is making an effort to cater every demographic of a cruiser on board. Those efforts include various unique activities on board, Disney has recently added a Disney Infinity life sized board for the kids to have a blast, and at the same time they have launched Star Wars Day at Sea for the older fans. Norwegian has special promotions with alcohol & beverages included in the price (huge for party goers or those just wanting to enjoy a drink or two). Carnival is known for being budget friendly but also one of the best cruises to party and dance all night.

What else do these cruise lines offer for future cruisers? Find your desired cruiseline below and read a little more about them before you book your next cruise vacation.

Azamara Club Cruise

azamara logoCompared to other world-class cruise lines in the industry, some people might consider that the Azamara Club Cruises as a “smaller” line as it only operates two cruise ships, the Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest. However, despite its small fleet, this cruise line offers an extraordinary worldwide vacation experience with premium level of personal service and unique destinations worldwide that even the most experienced traveler will enjoy.

Carnival Cruise Lines

carnival cruiselines logoThe Carnival Cruise Line is one of the largest cruise lines in the world that is known for its casual atmosphere, Vegas-like festive cruises. It offers a variety of dining style, entertainment and all kinds of fun activities. Currently the cruise line employs about 3,900 people on shore side and about 33,500 staff on its cruise ships to make sure all passengers get the best services possible.

Celebrity Cruises

celebrity logoThe Celebrity Cruise Line is actually one of the youngest cruise companies in the world. It was founded in 1988 by the Chandris Group, then it was merged with Royal Caribbean International. But despite of being relatively new, this cruise line already has a great reputation in the industry. In fact, a lot of cruise line critics and customer reviews nowadays often use the Celebrity Cruise Line as the standard in assessing other cruise lines or cruise ships’ performance.

Costa Cruises

costa cruises logoThe Costa Cruises or “Costa Crociere” is an Italian-based cruise line owned by a British/American Corporation. For many years, this cruise line has maintained its position among the top cruise lines in the industry, with top quality services and facilities it has to offer, looks like the Costa Cruises will still remain on top for many years to come.

Disney Cruise Lines

disney cruises logoAll cruise lines are family friendly, they usually have entertainment and activity programs designed for people of all ages, including children. But the Disney Cruise Line is designed specifically to bring the magic of the cartoon world to life for both the children and adults to enjoy. The cruise line aims to provide a magical entertainment to all its passengers through the exciting world of Disney.

Holland America

holland america logoFrom the Greek Isles to the Eastern and Western Mediterranean to Alaska, the Holland America Line will accommodate your unforgettable vacation. With its luxurious facilities and excellent services, it’s a guarantee that you will have a great fun during your vacation and come home with a smile.

MSC Cruises

MSC logoMSC cruises are best known for their elegance, luxurious and classic feel with rich European traditions in the design and decor. The MSC Cruise Line offers several different sizes and levels of luxury, but each one of them is guaranteed to give a warm and calming experience. With all the top-notch facilities and great services, the MSC cruises will treat its passengers like royalties.

Norwegian Cruise Lines

norwegian cruise lines logoThe Norwegian Cruise Line is known worldwide as the host of a stylish and sleek fleet. But what really sets this cruise line apart from the rest is the level of services they offer. With the ratio of staff to passengers of 5:1, it’s a guarantee that everyone will experience the ultimate pleasure during the journey.

Princess Cruises

princess logoBased out of California, USA, the Princess Cruises is offering an endless holiday fun for all its passengers. This cruise line was founded in 1965 and soon gained its popularity in the cruise vacation industry. But it really had a huge boost in popularity when two of its cruise liners, the Island Princess and the Pacific Princess were featured in the famous TV series in the late 70’s “The Love Boat”.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

royal caribbean logoThe Royal Caribbean Cruises is one of the most innovative cruise lines in the world. It offers an unforgettable experience with all the glamour, action and fun during the cruise. The cruise line has all kinds of fun activities for all age groups, including children.

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