Woman Rescued After Swimming to Cruise Ship

choppy water

A 65-year-old British woman was questioned by police after she tried to swim out to a passing cruise ship before being rescued by fishermen following several hours of being stranded at sea.

According to The Associated Press, Susan Brown told maritime police from Portugal’s Madeira Islands that she and her husband had decided to fly home early Saturday from their cruise aboard the Cruise & Maritime Voyages’ MS Marco Polo.

The couple began arguing at Madeira Airport in Portugal when Brown became separated from her husband. While disoriented by the inability to find her husband, she told police that she saw the cruise ship leaving port, and tried to swim to it from an area by the seaside airport thinking her spouse was onboard.

A fishing boat discovered Brown just after midnight swimming in waters with temperatures of 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The woman was rescued by the fishermen and transported to a local hospital, where she was treated for advanced hypothermia.

After being medically cleared to leave, Brown was moved to a psychiatric ward, and police are looking to interview her once again about the incident.

-Original Post http://www.travelpulse.com/news/impacting-travel/uk-woman-rescued-after-swimming-to-cruise-ship.html

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