Royal Caribbean Cruise Activities for Kids

activities for kids on royal caribbean cruises

Are you going to planning on taking the kids on a Royal Caribbean cruise? If your answer is yes, then it means that you should find out what Royal Caribbean has in store for the children. Organizing time on the cruise with the kids is crucial and needs plenty of preparation in order to keep the kids entertained throughout the vacation. Here are some very important activities and entertainment options that Royal Caribbean offers for the children ready to sail.

Royal Caribbean Adventure Ocean

Royal Caribbean has a special area for the kids called Adventure Ocean. Adventure Ocean breaks up the age groups as follows.

Babies & Tots – 6-36 months

The smallest adventurers at sea! There are certain areas for babies on each Royal Caribbean ship. Babies and Tots programs offer playgroup sessions that can be found on one of the onboard lounges. Plenty of activities that keep the babies entertained by playing and learning at the same time.

Babies 2 Go is a fantastic service offers aboard Royal Caribbean. It lets you pre-order Huggies diapers, cream, baby wipes and even Gerber organic baby food to be delivered straight to your stateroom. It will be there for when you arrive and also throughout the cruise.

Daycare – Not every Royal Caribbean ship offers a nursery with daycare. Select ships offer daycare for $6 per hour or $8 in the evening hours. Before booking, make sure the ship offers daycare if you are interested, do not book without knowing and be disappointed during a wonderful vacation.

Just for kids – 3 – 11 years of age

Aquanauts – For the little ones aged 3-5. Royal Caribbean has set up plenty of activities such as a dressing up like a pirate and parading whilst taking over the ship! They get to uncover dinosaur secrets of Jurassic Jr and have fun with the magic of bubbling potions.

Explorers – Big boys and girls from ages 6-8 have their hands full with scientific experiments and all sorts of adventures. Fossil fever, space mud, meteorology, are just a few activities lined up, along with many fine art experiences and plenty of ice cream to go around. It’s hard to get these ones back for some family time.

Voyagers – The oldest of the age group, from ages 9-11. Scavenger hunts are a great way to bond and create friends for life on a cruise. With these friends, they can enjoy sport tournaments, video game showdowns, talent shows and more.

Just for kids looks out for the adults as well. Late hour is a program created to offer parents extended hours in Adventure Ocean. An hourly rate is applied after 10pm, but with the kids having a blast, it’s only appropriate for the adults to maximize their cruise fun as well! During this time, the kids will enjoy being with their new found friends in the late night party zone.

Just for teens 12 – 17 years of age

Divided into two groups, 12 to 14-year-old clubbers get to enjoy active playtime doing rock climbing competitions, dodge ball, and Dance Dance Revolutions. Other activities include talent shows, mic nights, movies nights, and so much more.

Age group from 15 to 17 get to have pool parties, teen dinners, karaoke parties, fitness activities, video game sessions, and many other activities throughout the sailing.

Other amenities for these teens is the teen-only hang outs, video arcade, teen spa, and of course the pool and sports deck!

royal caribbean dreamworks for kids

Other Fun Areas

The variety of interesting play facilities and activities offered by Royal Caribbean will make the children very happy. Some of the playing facilities that became the first at sea are the ice skating rink, the flow-rider,  or zip-lining, depending on which cruise ship is chosen. Ice skating will challenge the kids to keep their balance while skating above warm Caribbean waters. The Flow Rider facilities are making the kids try to keep their balance on a surf simulator. And some Royal Caribbean cruises have famous characters such as Shrek, Madagascar, and more.

Other amazing activities offered is the rock climbing wall, mini golf, table tennis, or the Seaplex.

flow rider on royal caribbean

Royal Caribbean truly does offer a great amount of entertainment for kids. Through innovation and thoughtful consideration, Royal Caribbean is considered one of the top cruise lines because they cater to ALL of their guests. The kids will be able to build lifelong relationships with friends they meet, have memories they will cherish forever, and be begging to get back on a cruise ship. Happy sailing!

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