5 Best Superheroes Suited for a Cruise

5 best superheroes for a cruise

In honor of #NationalSuperheroDay, an article about which superheroes would fit best on a cruise is only appropriate. Growing up, I was a big collector of comic cards, anime, power rangers, and basically anything to do with super powers and saving the world. Over the years I have grown to admire the bad guys as well, such

1. Goku

Instant transmission, huge muscles, sense of humor, an endless appetite, please I would love to hear how Goku is not the ultimate cruiser. He can transport to any part of the ship at any time, even if he ever wanted a little break from killing freiza for the nth time. His appetite would be the headline of those pesky ads we all see “Cruiselines hate him. Saiyans bottomless stomach and endless appetite has shutdown yet another cruiseline. Learn his secret trick!” All he needs is a hyperbolic time chamber in the gym and hes’s good to go.

2. Darth Vader

Call him what you want, he’s a superhero to me! A legend of our universe, Darth Vader is actually sailing the sea’s for a limited time on Star War’s Day at Sea on Disney Cruise Ships. What makes Darth Vader land in the top 5 best superheroes suited for a cruise?

  • No sunburn or damage to his skin – His outfit keeps him away from harmful UV
  • Easily grabs drinks with the force – He never has to get up for a drink

darth vader

3. Storm

Having Storm on the ship almost guarantee’s there sunny weather with a cool breeze and calm tides. And for the brave ones, who needs a flow-ride when she can provide the wave’s in the pool?

4. Spiderman

Ziplining has been a popular attraction on some of the newer ships. But, Spidey could create a nice ziplining cord from the top of the funnel to the party deck for maximum fun. He could also create some nice bungee jumping from the funnel, some crazy ropes to swing from, or even a ton of hammocks for everyone (good luck trying to get off them though).

5. Beast

Hairy Chest Competition, er…no competition. That’s a no contest, add the morning yoga classes and the always empty library, and Beast is a perfect match for a cruise ship vacation.

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