Carnival XL Ship Named Mardi Gras and It’s Features

Carnival Cruise Lines Mardi Gras

The new Carnival XL mega ship has officially been named! We welcome Carnival Mardi Gras, inspired by Carnival’s first ship. The new Carnival Mardi Gras is the 28th ship to join the cruise lines’ fleet. Weighing it at 180,000 gross tons, it is Carnival’s largest cruise ship in the fleet. Mardi Gras will debut in Port Canaveral first and is scheduled to have it’s first sailing in 2020. It has been announced that this is the first of two XL cruise ships that have been ordered; the perfect way for Carnival to break into the mega ship spotlight.

The original Mardi Gras from 1972 was a mere 27,000 gross ton vessel compared to the new behemoth at 180,000 gross tons. A reminder to how far technology has taken us, as well as the growth and demand of cruising plus its activities. With a length of 1,130 feet long, each sailing will have the availability to hold up to 5,200 guests at double occupancy. Avid cruisers can expect to enjoy Mardi Gras in 2020 when it begins its journey in Port Canaveral. Itineraries are forecasted to be released in 2019.

Mardi Gras Rollercoaster Bolt

Complete details on the activities, innovations, and entertainment have not yet been announced. Believe when I say, Carnival will make sure to impress with its first megaship. The first reveal is the first rollercoaster at sea named BOLT! Hopefully early 2019 more information regarding all of its activities, dining, and breakthroughs will be revealed. Given the history of Carnival and its coined phase as “The Fun Ships” we can expect no less for the new Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Specifications

Weight 180,000 gross tons
Length 1,130 feet
Passenger Limit 5,200

Mardi Gras Features

Bolt – First ever cruise ship rollercoaster

Carnival President Christine Duffy’s press release statement: “Our first ship Mardi Gras was a historic vessel, introducing a brand-new style of cruising to the vacationing public. What better way to pay tribute to our company’s nearly 50-year history of creating wonderful vacation memories than by naming this groundbreaking vessel after our original and beloved ‘Fun Ship.’”

In other news, Carnival Cruise Line has its next ship scheduled to join Miami port in 2019. Carnival Panorama will begin its sailings in 2019.

Carnival Mardi Gras

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2 years ago

I want to go on a cruise

Sheila M. Frye
Sheila M. Frye
1 year ago

I cruised on the first Mardi Gras in 1980and would love for you to offer me a great rate to go on the new Mardi Gras in 2020. Also it would my 10th cruise on carnival.