7 Absurd & Hilarious Cruiser Complaints

7 cruiser complaints

The cruise community can be a bit picky. Actually, we cruisers are some of the hardest to satisfy when vacationing. Why? No idea, I enjoy every one of my cruises, but I have heard some of these complaints first-hand and on several occasions. Some are just completely hilarious, and some make me scratch my head and wonder…really?
cruise toilets

7. Way to many food options to choose from
Don’t take this away from us.

6. The toilet scares me
Scares me too, man.

5. It is too windy outside
Will someone please turn the wind off? In a related note, someone did tell the captain to slow the boat down.

4. Beds are too comfortable and we are oversleeping
Get a damn alarm clock! It definitely does get dark, especially in interior rooms. But to make sure you don’t miss out on the hairy chest competition, get an alarm clock.

3. Service was so excellent on a cruise that we spent a lot more on tips than expected. We want our gratuities to be refunded.

2. No one told us their would be fish in the water, the kids were scared
Yes, this is real, and real funny. “Our deepest apologies m’am, we forgot to remind you that there are birds in the sky as well.”

1. Oasis of the seas is too big- This is not an uncommon complaint.
#1 on the list because it is one of the most common complaints. And not just for Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas, but with any of the largest cruises in the world like Oasis sister ships and the Norwegians Giants like the Epic.

Here’s how I see the whole complaint really going down. “Well i knew it’s a big ship, but THAT big? No, too much” Honestly, what did they expect when booking a cruise with the moniker of “Biggest cruise ship in the world”.

Alas, a short but wonderfully colorful and hilarious complaints from cruisers. If you’ve heard some other hilarious ones please share below!

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