5 Best Cruise Ship Water Slides

5 best waterslides on cruise ships

Waterslides on cruise ships are the perfect choice for those who want to have a fun vacation on cruise ships and enjoy the challenging waterslides. They are different from the common waterslides found at water parks. Cruise ship waterslides can offer a beautiful atmosphere and views of the sea, and also the stimulating designs. If you are interested in spending a holiday by doing the waterslides activities on a cruise ship, then these are the best waterslides on cruise ships that can be your reference.

1. Ultimate Abyss – Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas

One of the newest and largest ships introduced to Royal Caribbeans fleet is the Harmony of the Seas. This cruise ship has brought breathtaking waterslides into the cruise lines family, finally! The most intriguing waterslide aboard this mega ship is the Ultimate Abyss. The name itself brings chills, and Royal Caribbean market’s it as so:

Plummet 10 stories into to the mysteries of the deep on the tallest slide at sea.

Are you brave enough – or will you become a permanent

The Harmony also offer 3 other notable slides known as the Perfect Storm; they are Cyclone, Typhoon, Supercell. Each of the waterslides has their unique characters. The riders can have a lot of fun experiencing these new exciting waterslides.

2. Epic Plunge – Norwegian Epic

The water park on the Norwegian Epic serves thrilling waterslides that are best for the bold cruisers. There is the Epic Plunge that let the riders slide for about 60 meters. There are slides that are available in an enclosed tube that push the riders into the huge bowl below. Once they get to this massive bowl, they get sucked into another slide where they finish they’re exciting waterslide adventure. There are 2 other slides featured on the Norwegian Epic as well, but none as unique as the Epic Plunge. For the younger, there is also slides available for them. It is called Aqua Park. There, they can relax and enjoy under a waterfall.

3. Vertigo – MSC Preziosa

The MSC Preziosa has a water park that is related to the surroundings of the ocean. The featured waterslide, the Vertigo, is found on deck 18 and boasts an impressive length of 120 meters filled with exhillerating twists and turns. The most interesting thing is that the riders can look down the ocean while they are sliding.

MSC Vertigo stats.

  • MSC Preziosa’s waterslide is 13 metres high and 120 metres long, with a diameter of 900 mm.
  • The maximum weight of each rider is 150 kg, and the minimum height is 120 cm.
  • Riders will travel at an average speed of 6 m/s.

For the children who are not tall enough to ride the Vertigo, the MSC Preziosa also has a child-friendly area. It is called “Doremi Castle Aqua Park”. There are various fountains, buckets and water pistols for the children to play and enjoy their day.

4. AquaDuck Aqua Coaster – Disney Cruise Lines

Disney Cruise Lines offers an interesting water park that is equipped with interactive water games, bubblers, and geysers. Those facilities are very suitable for those who want to spend the time with their families. Besides, there is also the suitable pool with the fresh water for the older people. They can relax and enjoy the views on the Deck 11. Meanwhile, for the one who likes the thrilling waterslides on cruise ships, they can take the famous AquaDuck “Aqua Coaster”. This huge waterslide lets the riders slide through 765 feet of tubing, where they can see just about everything from the pools to the ocean. This fun attraction can be found on Deck 12 of both the Disney Dream and Fantasy.

5. Twister – All Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival offers one of the most exciting waterslides on cruise ships. This magnificent water slide can reach up to 334 feet, depending on which cruise ship, Carnival Sunshine has the longest. It is most suitable for those who like the thrill of sliding, and mostly in loops. They will be thrown into various twists and screws until they fall down to the pool.

Besides the Twister, there is also the Green Thunder (available also on all Carnival ships) that offers free fall to the riders until 65km/h. It is really gravity defying free fall that you should try! I am sure that it will make you scream loudly. Besides, if you want to race with your friends, there are side by side waterslides that are available for you. You can have the waterslide racing. Furthermore, for the one who want to enjoy the poolside, there is Splash Park that can be the best choice. It has friendly slides that do not need to challenge the adrenaline.

To conclude, each cruise line has brought an innovative feature to waterslides while sailing at sea. This short list simply highlights some of the best each company has to offer. Hope it helps when choosing your next cruise vacation. Happy sailing!

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