Who is Cruise Friendly? We are a small group who are just trying to provide cruisers the best information for their cruise. Cruising is one of the most fun ways, and definitely unique, ways to vacation. But there is a lot to consider before cruising, and picking a cruise.

cruise boat

Cruise Friendly Advice

Whether you’re booking a family cruise, party cruise, romantic cruise, etc., each cruise line offers different amenities for your specific cruise. We will do our best to bring the information of each cruise line, cruise ship, the ports, activities, and any advice to help you on your next cruise!

First time cruisers especially, we hope to create a “Cruise Friendly Community” where we can all help the next fellow first time cruiser have the best time possible. There’s so much to know when booking the cruise, but also what to do after you book your cruise, and what to do before boarding your cruise. Each Port is unique, each destination is unique, so bon voyage! Keep checking up with us as we grow and do our best to deliver quality information to help be your #1 source for cruising.

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